Odyssia is the senior project of three Ringling College of Art + Design students enrolled in the Game Art + Design program: Katherine "Kezrek" Laczin, Shaun Ellis and Michael Hosticka. The project includes a game trailer and an interactive demo of the game.

Man has always been at a physical disadvantage to many things in nature. They did not have any sharp claws or teeth to hunt, and did not have much hair to keep them warm, or natural protection to save them from predators. What man did have was their mind. Humans had creativity and the ability to develop technology that would make up for their physical shortcomings. It’s with their technology that man was able to grow and control much of the world. Man was even able to tame the forces of nature: Fire, Wind, Electricity… However there was one force of nature that man had never been able to tame, the Ocean.

Mankind in all its history had looked upon the ocean as the most beautiful and fearful force of all of nature. When man felt they had the power to finally tame the ocean, they used their technology and constructed large buildings. Their first underwater high class resort was named Odyssia inspired off of the great epic tale The Odyssey, a story of man overcoming the gods and the ocean itself. They were unaware that this development had caused something to stir deep in the ocean, something that could turn mankind’s strength into its greatest weakness….

…The wrath of the Ocean has awakened.

Odyssia is a game about a woman left behind in an underwater resort that is currently under attack from a giant sea creature. The only tool at her disposal is a device that harvests electrical energy scattered about in the half destroyed resort and allows her to use that energy to activate other technology to aide her escape. However, the sea creature is attracted to electrical energy and the more the woman gathers to escape the more danger she finds herself in...